Inbound | Outbound Payment Processing Solutions

Global payment processing services for the Call Center industry. Cross-border transactions as well as
regional payment solutions in most international jurisdictions. Call center operators as well as
merchant order payment collections.

We specialize in payment processing and multi currency settlement and conversion for all types of
Customer Interaction Call Centers and central point payment clearing solutions. Our payment gateway is 
compatible with all major CRM | Customer Relationship Management Software through API Integration.

We support virtual Call Center technology as well as Premise Based Call Centers. PBX based instructive
payment processing for interactive auto dialers for established customers that wish to make repeat
payments through automated collection services.

Payment Collection Services

  • ACH and ECheck processing
  • Credit and debit card processing
  • Recurring billing / payments
  • PCI compliant solutions
  • Payment gateway and virtual terminal
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Batch upload of payments
  • International card and check payment services
  • Telephone authorized ACH payments
  • CRM compatible processing solutions
  • Customized gateway reporting
  • Advanced fraud scrubbing and chargeback alerts
  • High volume payment solutions
  • Multi currency – 160+ Countries

Payment Collection Solutions for the following Call Center business models:

Contact centre – Supports interaction with customers over a variety of media, including but not
necessarily limited to telephony, e-mail and internet chat. A contact centre is usually an inbound
service only.

Inbound call centre – Exclusively or predominantly handles inbound calls (calls initiated by the

Outbound call centre – One in which call centre agents make outbound calls to customers or sales leads.

Blended call centre – Combining automatic call distribution for incoming calls with predictive dialling
for outbound calls, it makes more efficient use of agent time as each type of agent (inbound or outbound)
can handle the overflow of the other.

Telephone answering service – A more personalised version of the call centre, where agents get to know
more about their customers and their callers; and therefore look after calls just as if based in their
customers office


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